Fueling NYC with fraîche in-office eats

Show your team their health and happiness matters – hook them up with a connected fridge full of the city’s best eats. Fresh daily, eco-packaged and built for ease.

“Extremely user friendly. All my favorite dishes in a few clicks. Great quality of products. Fraiche is fresher than the freshest!”

Edc486, 03/08/2021

“The app is very intuitive. It gives you access to a wide range of healthy products and gets you notified of new yummy products Fraiche is launching.”

Sacha NYC, 03/08/2021

“Love using this app, makes it so convenient to eat healthy & yummy! Helps me to eat better with no need to step out nor wait for delivery. Plus it provides all details 🥗”

Aurelyinvegas, 03/12/2021

The city’s only
farm fresh food-as-solution service

Fraîche is eco-smart, AI-driven, conscious and cool. It gives teams easy access to the foods they love – so they stay on task and well fed all day long.

Get Fraîche in less than 2 weeks
  • We host a tasting at your office
  • You set the food budget
  • We install in one day
  • Voila! – fraîche, easy in-office eats
  • Daily menu in an app
  • All ingredients displayed
  • Face ID unlocks the fridge
  • AI keeps fridges stocked
App driven and 100 hassle free
Effortless billing visibility
  • View + manage your account in real time
  • Set per-user spending limits (or just let them eat freely!)
  • They and pay by card or put it on their tab

It’s an effortless experience for you
Live chat, email + phone support
Delivery, Covid-proof cleaning and great care are all part of the service
We’ll even pop over to say hi if you want!

Fraîchen up your office

🍋 Compact space-saving fridge
🍋 Sustainability-based business
🍋 NYC’s favorite restaurants + brands
🍋 Face ID-unlocking + app operated
🍋 Cost control with per-user spending limits
🍋 Eco-packaged and fraîche daily

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Healthy and delicious
office food is our jam

Smart fridges are our main gig, but we offer all kinds of food solutions that keep NYC fueled up at work. Ask us about our fresh fruit boxes, organic coffee service, events catering and onsite food trucks.

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Tikehau Capital NYC clients
Newlab Fraîche NYC client
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Ardian Fraîche NYC client
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Newlab Fraîche NYC client
Brooklyn Navy Yard NYC clients
Tikehau Capital NYC clients
Richemont Fraîche NYC clients
Ardian Fraîche NYC client
Silverstein Properties Fraîche NYC client

Why Fraîche ?

Save time + money – and take care of your team

Give your team brain-nourishing food on demand to keep their minds healthy and their immunity systems powered up.

No more individual deliveries. No restaurant waits. Teams enjoy the workplace more with Fraîche.

Monthly savings when you choose Fraîche meals over delivery services like UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates and Doordash.

3 hours
Monthly average time your people save when they eat Fraîche rather than heading out for lunch.

90 secs
Average time it takes to check the menu in the app and get a tasty Fraîche meal on the table.

25% ↑
Better job performance of employees that eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day!

Here’s how Fraîche is connecting
farm + city (right inside your office)

Fraîche Le Botaniste meals New York

Welcoming Le Botaniste
to Fraîche

📍 New York, NY – We are thrilled to announce that we have introduced Le Botaniste’s “prescription bowls” to our Fraîche Smart Fridges.

Fraîche eats perks food employees

Wellness Perks to Inspire Employees at the Post-Covid Office

Along with post-Covid protocols and enhanced social distancing employers are turning to revolutionary methods to encourage their employees to look forward to their return to the office.

Fraîche eats local support farmers

Eat Local and Support your
New York Farmers

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), regional and local distributors such as farmers and producers have been strongly impacted by Covid-19.