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After many years in the restaurant business, Pilar Rigon, Mille Nonne Chef and Co-founder, felt the need for a new approach to Italian food. Partnering with her husband Bernardo Notargiacomo they created Mille Nonne (translated to “A Thousand Grandmothers”), a zero-waste and sustainable concept based on providing happiness through great dishes, with a modern and diverse touch. At Mille Nonne each ingredient is used at its full extent, while creativity and respect are key. 

Mille Nonne, pays homage to Italian culinary traditions without actually getting “stuck” in tradition. The founders, Pilar and Bernardo’s  grandmothers were explorers, brave cooks, able to turn disadvantages into advantages. They were capable of reinventing their world, nourishing their communities. Millenonne works like a path - inheriting tradition and bringing it to the next level.

The mission at Millenonne is simple: “Bringing Comfort Food out of its Comfort Zone.”

Their vision is to provide the quality of a fine Italian seat-down restaurant in a take-out environment and all their recipes have been developed with this idea in mind.

No matter how much time their customers have, they deserve the best quality through the best service, every time.

“After discovering that I was lactose-intolerant years ago, I realized that it was also necessary to explore alternative routes and this vision opened my mind towards experimentation. From there, new recipes were born that now bear the signature of Mille Nonne, and that are very popular with our customers.”

Pilar Rigon

Pilar Rigon, Mille Nonne Chef and Co-founder, with her husband Bernardo Notargiacomo
Mille Nonne Eggplant Parmigiana
Mille Nonne Pastas NYC

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