Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste’s story began in Ghent, Belgium (fun fact: this city is known as the vegetarian capital of Europe), in September 2015.

Christophe Coffinet – COO & Partner, Gregory Verellen – Co-Founder & CDO, and Laurent Francois – Co-Founder & CEO, opened their first plant-based organic food and natural wine bar in a pharmacy, and only 4 months later, their first store opened in the Upper East Side in New York City.

The mission of Le Botaniste? To provide pure, plant-powered organic meals that are not only good for the body but also the planet.

Le Botaniste’s menu offers a selection of “prescription” bowls: plant-powered and freshly cooked meals. Their creative and colorful menu shows that organic plant-based food can lead to surprising healthy and mindful new eating experiences.

Le Botaniste, a certified C02-neutral company, generates as little waste as possible and is constantly challenging themselves to become even more sustainable. In 2016 they partnered with CO2logic to reduce their energy use to a minimum, and to offset 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions by supporting a Gold Standard certified climate project in Ghana that distributes efficient cookstoves.

Le Botaniste New York inside
Le Botaniste New York CO2 Certified

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