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Honeybrains is the first hospitality restaurant brand dedicated to better brain health. The first restaurant opened in NOHO in December 2016 and now four restaurants with continued plans of expansion are opened.

Marisa and her family members started Honeybrains to translate the growing scientific research about brain health into enjoyable and accessible foods, drinks, nutrient-based supplements, and other products that can help people live happier, longer, and healthier lives.

Honeybrains was sparked by a conversation between three siblings, which evolved into a deeper exploration of the relationship between ingredients, health, and flavor. One of the siblings is a neurologist who has spent years studying how nutrition and lifestyle affect brain function. His research became a focal point of their discussion.

Ultimately, this conversation led to the creation of new recipes, and a new experience, with the well-being of people at their core. Together, they started Honeybrains to translate the most reliable, collective scientific knowledge about brain health – which is intimately related to body health – into enjoyable foods, drinks, and experiences.

CEO and Co-founder, Marisa Seifan opened the first restaurant in Noho in 2016 and now has 4 restaurants in the city, with continued plans of expansion. Marisa believes Honeybrains can be a force for good in the world by empowering individuals with knowledge and products that can improve their quality of life, as well as reduce their risk of long-term brain degeneration or disease (e.g., dementia and Alzheimer’s). To the extent more individuals make such choices, our communities (and our planet) grow healthier.

Honeybrains was created to provide communities with Brain and Body Healthful foods. Marisa is passionate about educating as many people as possible about how to live a brain-healthy lifestyle.


HoneyBrains food partner
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Today, the team at Honeybrains refers to the process by which we mindfully choose and combine ingredients – based on the best available science – into healthy and flavorful recipes as our L.I.F.E. Process.

  • L stands for love,
  • I stands for ingredients,
  • F stands for flavor and fun,
  • and E stands for education.

They try to bring our L.I.F.E. Process into everything we do: from our food and drink menus to raw honey, to an array of select supplements and technologies that promote wellness. They chose the word life as a reminder that there is nothing more important, and that well-being is at its core. They believe that helping others begins with helping ourselves.

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