Returning to the office never felt so healthy

Make their office comeback feel great, with a smart fridge full of tasty, vitamin-packed meals, snacks, drinks and sweets they can help themselves to all day long.

Healthy eats, eco-packaged and fresh daily
Fraîche minds think more creatively

Smart food. Smart fridge.
Smart companies.

Fraîche is a farm-to-office solution that turns workplaces into healthy hives. Show your teams that your company cares with an auto-stocking smart fridge that makes it effortless for them to enjoy NYC’s favorite foods 24/7 — just steps from their desks

There’s a WHY behind our business.
People. Planet. Partnership.

Stories are what got us juiced up to create Fraîche in the first place and they keep us inspired daily – stories about our partners and their partners – people with deep respect and care for humans and the planet. Together we are nourishing people, feeding communities and preserving the planet.

Sustainably sourced food brands

The food brands and restaurants we partner with collaborate with farmers to select the most mindfully sourced foods. They also take great care of the people in the supply chain.

Inspiring community partners

We partner with organizations that reallocate food resources, enrich communities and nourish the planet in the most amazingly innovative ways.

Nearly invisible footprint

Fraîche is a certified CO2 Neutral® company that’s always looking for ways to reduce and recycle. 99% of our food brands already use compostable packaging, and we’re helping the rest get up to speed.

Waste? Never! We feed the city

We partner with Rethink – a NYC food upcycling solution that combats hunger by transforming excess food into nutritious meals that feed the hungry— so they eat just as well as you do.

Market Fraîche
from farm to office

Our aim has always been to make nutritious farm fresh foods available city-wide. We’ve plugged into NYC’s offices because we know the city’s workers need nourishment and care — and a big healthy immune boost! — to keep our city alive and thriving.

NYC’s top restaurants + brands

Our menu selection is pretty unbelievable — with plant-rich items from Le Botaniste, hearty Egg Shop breakfasts, healthy desserts from La Fermiere and energizing Pressed Juicery drinks.

Ingredients that energize the mind

The brain needs plenty of nourishment to work hard all day. We make sure the items we select are not only tastebud pleasing – but also vitamin rich and energy boosting.

Everyone’s favorite menu choices

Our partners select their seasonal top sellers for us, so fridges are always full of the on-trend, favorite items that get ordered over and over.

Always (always!) Fraîche

It’s rare that a fridge has truly farm fresh items – but that’s our jam! So we’ve figured out how to leverage technology and smart logistics to keep items looking and tasting great.


Making NYC happy one office at a time

Fraîche is sprouting up all over the map

Help your teams come back to a healthy and thriving workplace that feels a lot like home.

  • 🍋 Fresh delicious meals from NYC’s favorite restaurants and brands
  • 🍋 Stocked fresh daily and open 24/7
  • 🍋 Eco-packaged and made with love
  • 🍋 No delivery hassles or fee’s
  • 🍋 App-based service
  • 🍋 Pay by card or company credits
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Meet our sustainability partners.
They feed the city and take care of the planet.
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Fraiche Meals Salmon

We’d love to show you how Fraîche works – and tastes

Our team has a unique way of explaining how Fraîche feels in the office – we do an onsite tasting! Hit the button, fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to set it up. Zero commitment. We love doing these!

Taste for yourself
Fraiche Meals Salmon