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Did you know that More than one-third of all food produced is wasted?

And this is the motivation behind the New York-based company, The Spare Food Co., an innovative new company at the forefront of a new food movement called Upcycling.

Using the innovative culinary skills of co-founder Chef Adam Kaye (former Culinary Director at Blue Hill at Stone Barns), and the socially-conscious business experience of his brother, Jeremy (Patagonia, Nike) Spare Food’s mission is to fix the broken food system and find more ways to use more of what’s already grown and produced.

Taking overlooked and unused ingredients and crafting them into delicious, craveable foods and beverages that are better for people and the planet.

The company launched their first product in April 2021. Spare Tonic is a chef-crafted sparkling elixir made from the excess whey that results from the production of Greek-style yogurt. Whey is naturally rich in probiotics, nutrients, electrolytes and protein.

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