People, Planet,

Fraîche is about connecting farm and city. It’s about respecting the people that grow the food, supporting the people that serve it, and nourishing the people that eat it.

How it works

We are foodies
on a mission to create a
healthier city + planet

The WHY behind Fraîche

We built Fraîche to help New Yorkers flourish. Not just the hardworking teams that deserve easy access to farm fresh eats, but also the restaurateurs who cook them with care, the farmers that supply the ingredients and the planet that keeps us all alive and breathing.

Fraiche mission to create healthier city


Responsibility flavors everything we do

We’ve aimed our business at taking good care – of people, lives, resources, the planet. It’s a mindset we keep active daily as we make decisions and interact with our network of partners.

We constantly stretch ourselves to care in new ways. Here are a few of our commitments:

How it works

99% of our food brands already use compostable packaging, and we’re coaching the rest to get onboard.

Sustainably sourced ingredients
The restaurants we partner with mindfully select ingredients that are ecologically sensible and human-friendly.

Upcycling partnerships
We don’t waste a single fig. Our partners Rethink and Replate take what’s not used and transform it into meals that nourish NYC’s hungry.

Efficient logistics
We’re a certified CO2 Neutral® company, so we are always on the lookout for ways to use tech or more ecological solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.

Fraiche meal Zaatar Cauliflower and feta

Our partners
inspire us to aim higher

Recycle. Redistribute. Renew

There’s an interconnected circularity to the way Fraîche works. When one of our partners takes action, it inspires the rest of us to step up. And when one of us thrives, everyone thrives. Less food waste means less hunger. Care of the humans in the supply chain means better quality of life on the planet. Smartly managed resources means a healthier city.

nourishing meals donated to date

invested in NYC communities

pounds of
food saved

gallons of
water saved

Fraîche is a CO2 neutral company

Fraiche Meals Salmon

We’d love to show you how Fraîche works – and tastes

Our team has a unique way of explaining how Fraîche feels in the office – we do an onsite tasting! Hit the button, fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to set it up. Zero commitment. We love doing these!

Taste for yourself
Fraiche Meals Salmon