Low-Sugar Peach Iced Tea – B.Best

Water, peach juice, sugar, black tea concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, gum acacia, natural peach flavor, natural flavor

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Taste for yourself

Fraîche is sprouting up all over the map

Help yout teams come back to a healthy and thriving workplace that feels a lot like home.

  • 🍋 Healthy delicious eats 24/7
  • 🍋 NYC’s favorite restaurants + brands
  • 🍋 No delivery hassles
  • 🍋 Face ID-unlocking fridge
  • 🍋 Pay by card or company credit
  • 🍋 Eco-packaged and fraîche daily

Fraîche eats are so tasty we get asked for the recipees!

We’d love to show you how Fraîche works – and tastes

Our team has a unique way of explaining how Fraîche feels in the office – we do an onsite tasting! Hit the button, fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to set it up. Zero commitment. We love doing these!

Taste for yourself