A day in the life as a Fraîcher: food partnerships edition

Day in the life of a Fraîche employee Food Partnerships

Welcome to the first of our series “A Day in the Life as a Fraîcher”. First up is a day in the life with Robert, Food Partnerships Lead. We welcomed Robert almost a month and half ago, and exciting things have already hit the ground running. Living in a humble Brooklyn apartment (filled with amazing plants) with his two dogs and partner, Robert gives us a little insight into what a “typical” day for him looks like starting at home and heading into the office with the rest of his team.

How do you begin your day? 

First thing’s first: walk the dogs around the neighborhood. Then I do a quick workout and stretch from the Peloton app – love that app and all the workouts it has to offer. I am also trying to incorporate more meditations in my routine as well!

🧘🏼‍♂️ Once you get to the office – what’s your typical routine like to start of your day there? 

I always run straight to the coffee bar, make myself a cup of joe, add some oat milk and some scoops of this mushroom powder (blend of Maca + Reishi + Ashwagandha.) These all have great properties which help with stress, fatigue, and so much more! On warmer days, I grab a Partners Cold Brew from the Fraîche fridge, add some ice and oat milk in there as well. 🙌🏼

So Robert, how do you actually get a new food partner on board with Fraîche? 

I’ve developed a pretty systematic approach: After sourcing a brand via food blogs, newsletters, word-of-mouth, etc., I perform a Partnerships Review Matrix to see if it fits the Fraîche ethos. If the brand passes this test, then I reach out and set up a call to discuss a partnership, which then leads to the next questions answer…😉

How do you taste/test new products? Do you do any tastings?

Everyone’s favorite part! I’ve developed an internal tasting program that is meant to remove bias and to best represent our consumer demographic. This is done via a methodical exercise where our team samples some products while completing a survey. I then analyze the results, and the “winners” of the tasting sessions then go on to be sold in the fridge for a 1 month trial! Last week was great because we tested out some chocolates, sweets, baked good, and a few other items – definitely a sweet tasting 😉

Robert Food Partnerships Lead at Fraîche
Robert loves Le Botaniste

Fast & Curious

  • Favorite Fraîche meal? Hard to say! Anything from Le Botaniste or Hungry House is sure to please. 😋
  • Favorite NYC restaurant? Win Son!
  • Favorite meal to cook at home? I love waking up on the weekends and making an “Everything But the Kitchen Sink Omelet” out of any random veggies and herbs in the fridge. 🍳
  • Favorite sport? Aside from biking to work everyday, I love doing yoga and HIIT workouts.
  • Favorite book? I really loved “The Belly of Paris” by Émile Zola. The vidi descriptions of an 1800s-era Parisian food market is *chefs kiss*.